Drupal Freelance Developer

Coder / Developer / Themer

As an experienced Drupal Freelance Developer and Web App creator. I have created web applications for hotels, cosmetics companies and the banking industry.  I'm experienced with 250+ modules, but when you know what you are doing with these they generally take a few minutes to configure then with all Drupal's API's they can be manipulated to specific design specs.
I write standards compliant Drupal code.  There is always about 5 ways you can code bespoke requirements, so I always weigh up the best way in terms of speed at run time, maintainability with other API's / modules and of course time to develop.  But time to develop is generally not that long, so speed at run time and maintainability are generally priorities. 
My background is 5 years of Drupal, which has been based on 9 years of PHP / MySQL and a 2.1 BA Honours Degree in Computing and Business. 

Please have a look through my site and  tell me what you think.